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About Ben Taylor

About Ben Taylor

I live in this Constituency. I run a business in this Constituency. I am in the centre of the thriving community that exists in this Constituency.

My wife and I chose to move here to start our family because of everything that it offers. Since moving here I have been active across the community. I have been a member of 2 of the residents associations, chairing the Cane Hill Park Residents Association for two terms until I stood down as chair in order to run for the Council.

I founded two charitable organisations in Croydon, one of these groups, Croydon Mutual Aid, was founded to help local residents during the pandemic and between us we helped to organise 4000 volunteers to support tens of thousands of residents at a time when there was very little support available. During this time I organised 300 whatsapp groups, divided into local communities and because of my personal base in the South of the borough I predominantly spent my time supporting residents and groups here.

I wasn’t born into a life of privilege. Politics for me is about the struggle for justice, not a comfortable career. I was raised by a single Mum on benefits, so I know what it is like to see a parent worry about the bills, to live in temporary accommodation not knowing how long you’ll be there.

I also know what it’s like to be ambitious and work towards aspirational goals. I was very lucky to come of age under a Labour government. It meant doors were open for me that are now closed for many people. But I believe those doors can, and should be opened again so that those who have big dreams and aspirations have the opportunities to achieve them.

Ben Taylor and colleagues canvassing in Croydon South

My Policies

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I love this place, I want the people of Croydon South to have the opportunities they deserve. A Labour Government will transform Croydon.

About Ben

Business rates for local businesses

Under the Tories business rates have skyrocketed and it’s causing small businesses and local economies to be devastated. I support Labour’s plan to scrap the business rates system to encourage local business growth. This will see local High Streets in South Croydon flourish and increase investment into the local area.

Safer Communities

The police force in Croydon have been cut deeply over the years and it’s seen crime increase across the area. We need to support the local police with their mission to police at a community level to reduce crime. High Streets in Purley and Coulsdon need a more constant police presence to deter crime

Planning policies that work

We need sensible housing policies that maintain the aesthetics of areas like Sanderstead and Coulsdon. While also demanding the standards of social housing are improved. Residents need a voice in planning in Croydon South. I want communities to create local plans not local authorities and Chris Philp wants to give more control to his developer friends

Protecting our green spaces

Our Green spaces are more than just a stunning attraction in the local area. They are where we walk, get fresh air, socialise and exercise. The Tories are putting our green spaces under threat by opening them up to fracking and building on the green belt. I will protect our green spaces and make sure they are never built over.

Education for everyone

Our education system has been struggling under the strain of the Tories cuts for years. The current Conservative plans will see over 5 million pounds cut from local schools. I will fight these cuts every step of the way and champion better education for all students

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